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Key Features

Add SF Express and Retail Store Pickup Locations

Add over 1,000 SF Express pickup locations around Hong Kong and Macau to your store, including EF lockers, SF Express service centers, convenience stores, and your own retail stores.

We automatically update the list of SF Express pickup locations that appears on your Shopify store.

Updated Pickup Locations List

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Offer Dynamic Shipping Rates

Our app can display different shipping rates at checkout for different pickup options, using Shopify’s Carrier Service API.

Display Pickup Options to HK Customers Only

Pickup options will only be shown to HK shoppers so that it doesn’t impact businesses that sell globally.

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English / Chinese Support

Our app supports language display in English and Chinese, and works with Langify and Weglot apps

Provide pickup options on your Shopify store with ease through these major features:

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Add 3 retail stores

Add HK & Macau S.F. Express locations

Supports English and Chinese storefronts




Advanced / Custom

Starting from $100 per month for customized features tailored to your store - contact our support for more information

Add more than 20 retail stores

Add S.F. Express locations

Supports English and Chinese storefronts

Offer dynamic shipping rates

Custom features




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How is the HK Pickup Option’s delivery & pickup options page triggered on my Shopify store?

HK Pickup Options works by displaying a delivery options page when customers click “checkout” on the cart page of your store. When customers choose a retail store or SF Express pickup location, the address of the pickup location will be auto-filled into the shipping address field on the checkout page.Customers will be able to see their chosen pickup options on the order confirmation page as well as on their confirmation email.

How do I fulfill an order for a pickup option?

You will be able to see if a customer has chosen a pickup option once you navigate to the order page on Shopify’s backend. Retail store addresses and SF Express locations are clearly indicated in the beginning of the Shipping address.

You can then prepare the order for fulfillment either at your retail store, or with SF Express directly.

How do I add shipping rates for each pickup option

You can add shippng rates for each pickup option in the settings of the Shopify settings page. Alternatively, you can use HK Pickup Option’s “Dynamic Shipping Rates” feature, which allows you to only show corresponding shipping rates based on the delivery or pickup option chosen by shoppers.


Visit our help center for more answers to common questions.

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